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Better Lyric Writing

Writing lyrics is about finding the right words, getting to the heart of what you feel, and a good deal of patience. Sincere feelings and emotions are key to writing a song. This is done by creating a sense of stability and instability. It can be difficult to find unity and clarity throughout your lyric so that each line fits into the frame. 

Whether you’re having trouble developing your ideas, finding metaphors, understanding structure and form, or you simply want to finish a song, I can help you through individual coaching or in small group workshops. Express your ideas in the best possible way! 

Remember, practice is the best way to succeed. If you write a little every day and enjoy the process, you will improve.

The next lyric writing workshops in Berlin will be in autumn 2019.
Please contact me directly for more information.

Website updated: 10 June 2019


Rob Hoare