HOW COACHING WORKS : If you’re working on a specific song lyric and need some help with it, send me an email with the lyric. I’ll have a look at it and make some suggestions and ask questions about your intentions for the song. After that, we’ll set up a Skype session and talk through options to help you say what you wish to say in the best possible way for the song. If you simply wish to improve your skills as a songwriter, let me know what you’re having difficulty with or what you wish to learn about. I’ll email pdf information and exercises to you. After that, we’ll set up a Skype session and go through the material together. We can also look at songs from other artists in order to learn how they work. The tools and skills you’ll learn are not only for English language lyrics. They can be easily applied to other languages. Some lyric writing topics include:
– how to collect and find good ideas and organising them
– finding the right title
– developing your plot - who, how, when and where
– how form and structure can help you write effectively, 
– how verses, choruses, refrains and bridges work
– using metaphors and rhyme