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5 lyric writing tips

1. Be a detective. Look for ideas that make you feel something and find a theme that’s commonly understood. Stick to one idea and describe it in a couple of sentences. Where does it go? How does it end? How does it make you feel?
2. Don’t think, just write!  When you start writing a song, investigate your theme and have fun with it. Don’t think about editing until it’s time to edit. The first draft doesn’t need to be perfect, it just needs to be written. The time to edit your work is at the end.
3. Look for coherency and compress your work.  Strive to make your work flow from one idea to the next in a way that’s understandable. Use the description of your idea to guide you through the development stages of your lyric. Is it clear? Does it say as much as possible in as few words as possible. Remember – less is more.
4. Learn lyrical song forms. This is a major tool at your disposal. Almost every song ever written has a form and fits into a tradition of song writing. Knowledge will help your creativity because it gives you options.
5. Get a good dictionary, thesaurus and a rhyming dictionary!  These are essential writing tools. Know what the words you’re using mean and search for different ways of expressing your ideas. Rhyme is a powerful tool in lyric writing and a rhyming dictionary is very useful when used correctly.